We're people that came together to bring harmony and happiness to the world. You'll find our song selection to be as unpredictable as MissourAH Weather....If you don't care for the song - Just wait for the next one.........if you don't care for any of them - Just get Drunk.

We all have issues with concentration and focus, so don't worry.......we have no genre' and we aren't a tribute band! It's quite possible we will go from Led Zeppelin to the Bee Gees to Miranda Lambert and back to The King, Elvis, with some occasional Katy Perry Pop or Metallica.

About A.D.D.


Premier Live Entertainment
in St Louis
Melinda Lee Galaway - Lead Vocals
Shannon Daoukas - Guitar, Keys, Vocals 
Tom Daoukas - Lead Guitar, Vocals
‚ÄčSteve Hosak - Drums, vocals
Bill Salmon - Bass, Vocals